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Appointments Post

Feel free to use this post for random threads, backtagging or forwardtagging, whatever. It can be Written, Action, Voice, or just a quick call on the journal system for whatever reason.

When you tag, please put a [Style, Date] in the subject line to start it out, eg.:

[Action, January 1st]


[Action] (backdated to the 18th)

[Since this happened, Asch hasn't been entirely sure what to do with himself. He eats breakfast, he reads a little. He wanders through the village for a while, aimlessly and calm despite the bad news. It's a normal day. A nice day, even. Luceti is blissfully aware of his loss, and he likes it that way. There is no house to burn, no alcohol to waste, no friend to garner comfort from. There's the village, and there's the memories, and there's that coldness in his heart creeping up again. As usual. It's just another going-home situation, and that's become typical of this place. Maybe people are happy. She's gone back. She's free.

She's dead.

He needs to hit something, so he goes to the Battle Dome for a while. Normal. Everything is normal.

Eventually he'll make his way north- first to House 34, to get whatever Norma has for him. Then he moves on to the cherry blossom trees beyond the edge of the village. And then, finally, he finishes his wandering in the woods not far from the 2nd apartment building, tucked under a tree with a pad of paper and a few pieces of charcoal. He'll be there until the sun gets too low to see.

After that, well... who knows. But he won't return to the apartment until well after dark.]

[Voice / Action]

[Voice; Filtered 100% to the Abyss cast (sans Van)]

Van is here.

He's not an immediate threat, but you should know.

[With the announcement dealt with (and perhaps an intermission with the replica) Asch heads out, his goal being the south end of the village. He has a certain house he needs to visit.

And Luke should be doing the very same thing :|a]

[Video / Written / Action?]

[The journal turns on with a little crash, revealing... the ceiling. Yes, very exciting.]

Stop knocking things over!

[A small, furry black face saunters over to the journal, sniffing curiously. It meows. And then, turning, flops over right on top of it, covering the camera.]

Hey, cat, get off that, it's not your damn bed.

[A small trill, and the fuzzy thing rolls over, revealing a mildly irritated redhead.]

...What the hell? You actually turned it on? Hey, dreck, the cat's from the Dawn Age.

[His tone is even mildly amused for that one. He brushes the kitten off the journal, picking it up and half-closing it. Before it shuts, he reconsiders, then grabs the pen and scribbles out a note.]

[Written / Filtered to Dist]

I need to talk to you.

[There, that's good enough. Back to the whiny, needy little monstrosity who has moved on to making his own water dish into a cat bath. Surprise! Luke brought home a kitten for his very disgruntled original. What a wise decision this was, eh.]


[It's early afternoon. The journal flies open and turns on abruptly in mid-air, a blast of resonating energy having blown it away from where it had been placed. As it flies, a few flashes of red, white, and black are visible, and when it lands, Asch and Luke are in the distance, swords clashing, the rec center just beyond where they're fighting. Occasionally they'll exchange commentary, but none of it seems to filter in.

The resonating noise continues, though, and as their swords clash one more time, it seems to grow even louder than before, until finally one shout rings clear-]

Pull back you dre-

[And before he can even finish, an explosion of light flares between them, and two identical cries of alarm are the only sound that filters through that eerie resonance. The light spreads, flaring outwards and sending the journal flying backwards, cutting off the feed.

The light is probably visible to most of the village as a single beam of light flying up towards the barrier and disappearing from sight. And there is a nice big crater in the forest just south of the rec center, where pretty much anything in that location - trees, bushes, grass, whatever - has... pretty much been decimated. A journal bearing Asch's name on the cover is sitting in the grass just outside of the crater, looking pretty ripped up and charred. The scene overall probably looks pretty dooming, especially since neither of the redheads are anywhere to be found.

[ooc: most responses will come from Luke, though Asch will chime in as well when he can!]


[There isn't a lot that makes Asch wake so suddenly in the middle of the night, feeling sweaty and shaken. He's been having some difficulty sleeping the last couple of nights, but this is the first time it's actually woken him up. It's disturbed him enough to kill his desire to sleep, so rather than bother trying, he rolls over beneath the covers and stares at the wall for a while, mulling over the dream. Just what does it all mean? He knows he's not the only one going through all this.

What bothers him most though... is why did it feel like some of the dreams he'd had weren't even his?]

[Action /Voice]

Cut for some action-y rambling.Collapse )

[After that it's time for packing. Then moving to a community building- the closest one, a safe distance but not too far, either. There's very little that he wants to keep, after all. Finally, a comment left in the journal this evening, to avoid a crowd-]

House 5 will be gone tonight. Don't interfere.

[And true to his word, thanks to well-placed tinder, matches, and a crate of hard liquor, House 5 will be a raging inferno around sunset this evening, with Asch, Luke, and Star the cheagle watching it burn to the ground.

Feel free to bother him at any time during all of this, if it tickles your fancy!]


["I think you should sleep in your own room for a while, Asch."

He hasn't forgotten those words- despite Guy saying they're okay, they haven't exactly shared much living space lately. Since being banished from Guy's room, he hasn't spent a lot of time in the house, or speaking to anyone else in particular, really. Self-exile is one of his best talents, after all. And even though he can normally handle being on his own, he can't help but feel bothered by it- after all, it's Guy himself who told him it wasn't healthy, the last time they fought. It's the only thing that's kept him from outright leaving the house.

Eventually, he's had enough, though, so early this morning he heads to Guy's room, knocking briefly as a pointless warning before opening the door and peering in, calling out as he does so.]

Guy? We need to-

[.........................................SOMETHING IS AMISS.]

[Voice / Action]

...What the hell is wrong with the plaza?

[Seriously, what. Giant tree out of nowhere, what. Not that he doesn't have more important things to be dealing with right now. Speaking of which-

...Man. This is going to be crazy-awkward, he just knows it. But hey, it has to be done- you can only dodge someone living in your own house for so long. Thankfully he hasn't had to deal with Luke very much. And Guy has been kind of preoccupied too, actually... strange. Oh well.

Either way, he'll be seeking out said housemate, hoping to talk before he heads off for the day.]

[Locked to Stella]

Can we meet today? [Okay, maybe they've been meeting more often than usual lately, but he can't really help himself...]

[Voice / Action]

Natalia's gone back.

[And he's... not sure how he even feels about that, especially since it's the second time now. He's not the sort to broadcast his feelings on the matter anyway, so he'll leave it at that.]

[Locked to Dist - 75% Unhackable]

If you've prepared everything you need, it's about time we meet.

[Asch won't be around the house much today; he'll probably be home late. His main haunts today will be the Battle Dome, the library, (maybe a quick bite to eat in the plaza |D) and finally Good Spirits to sulk read a book in a tucked-away corner of the bar. ...Though the amount of reading may decrease depending on what he's drinking over the course of the evening...

Oddly enough, Star the cheagle will be tagging along with him over the course of the day.]

["Written" / Action]

for a little imageCollapse )

[Asch is hoping that a certain someone will get the message, but he doesn't lock it or anything. If she ignores it, it's not like he has to acknowledge it later.

...That's Asch-logic, anyway.

Message sent, though, Asch won't be sticking around the house too much today. With Luke hacking up a lung every few minutes, there's no point in trying to rest there. He'll check on Natalia first- whether she's at home or still recovering in the battle dome hospital, though whether she's in the dome or not he'll get some training done. His simulation involves being hopelessly outnumbered in a very white room full of intricate statues. And he leaves very disgruntled. (Why does he do this crap to himself, seriously.)

...He'll also raid the medical cabinets for sleeping pills, though for Luke or himself, who can tell?

On the way home he'll spend some time in the plaza picking up supplies. All in all it's a very uninteresting day in the life of Asch the Bloody.]


[Asch hasn't really been sleeping well for the past few months; since the house became more... crowded, shall we say, and he and Guy started sleeping separately all the time. After the draft (and that one night with Guy there again) things got worse again, and tonight, for no particular reason, he wakes silently and in a cold sweat, sitting up awkwardly in his bed. Stupid dreams... he'd be much happier without any of them. And he never feels like going back to sleep after one of those, so he immediately gets out of bed, dragging on a robe and heading out into the hall. At first he glances over at Guy's door, lingering for a moment. To stay, or to go...

...maybe later. Instead, he grabs a mug of tea from the kitchen and heads outside, ignoring the cold and the snow- the robe's enough. He'll be watching the stars and the horizon for a while.

Well before the sun rises, he'll head back inside, going to Guy's door instead of his own. It only takes him a moment to step into it, but rather than walking right over, he lingers at the door for a while, hesitating.]

[Action / Accidental Voice]

[There isn't much less pleasant than waking up cold and alone, is there? Which is exactly how Asch finds himself this morning- on his own in a tent behind the battle dome, no longer an adult but rather regressed to the tender age of about 11. In his haste to get up and figure out what's going on, he knocks over the journal, and it catches his alarmed call as he opens the tent flap to find a lot of snow and not much else.]

...Master Van...?

[This isn't the cozy, temperate region of Daath, which is puzzling, because he knows he'd been in Daath the night before. Where, then...?]

Master Van!

[Had he been abandoned? No... Van had said he needed him! There must be a reason for this.

Not noticing the journal, Asch tucks the blanket around himself and starts shuffling out through the snow, wandering into the village in search of something - anything - familiar.]


[It's morning, and Asch is paying a visit to the smithy to look into getting his Maestro sword sharpened; it's been a while, and you can only do so much without giving it a proper filing. While he's there waiting for his request to be processed - or waiting for a free spot in the workshop to do it himself if necessary - he browses around the store at the new arrivals, wanting to check on what kinds of blades have shown up. And that's about when he stumbles upon something he definitely wasn't expecting to see.

So within a few hours, Asch can be found heading home through the snow with two swords, one at his hip and the other simply carried by his side, though he's careful with it, as if it's some kind of sacred weapon. He's looking for someone specific, but feel free to stop him en route to House 5 if you're around.]


[After a few days of Deep Thought following this little encounter, Asch has finally resolved himself to go back home. He's packed his things, cleaned up, done a few repairs to make the apartment somewhat presentable after he tore it to bits during the Halloween ordeal, though he's sure it'll end up fixing itself anyway. Finally, sometime in the morning, he heads out and makes his way to House 5.

Depending on where the occupants are, he'll be looking for Guy, Luke, and Natalia- starting with their rooms, one by one, and then moving on to the rest of the house and outside if necessary. He's been thinking a lot - probably too much for his own good - and he's tired, but more than that, he's tired of just running away.]

[Voice / Action]

...It's too quiet outside. When is that stupid holiday again? Whatever's going on needs to end.

[Private to Natalia]

Natalia... can we talk?

[He's nervous about talking to either of them, but- shortly after that entry is out of the way, Asch will be leaving his room to look for Guy and, if she says yes, Natalia, too. Unfortunately as soon as he leaves his room, his clothes are suddenly changed to this. Let's see how long it takes for him to notice. |D]

[Voice / Action]

Hey- Buffy. I need to talk to you.

...Or Yuri, I don't really care who it is.

[After Guy's rather uneventful kidnapping right under their noses, Asch is feeling suitably irritated and downight volatile. He's trying to channel his temper into a more productive use, however; early in the day, he can be found stretched out on the lawn behind House 5, lying on his stomach and facing Star, the yellow cheagle. From the look of things, he's playing a rather bizarre game of fire Ping Pong with it- Star spits a fireball at him, and he uses his palm to either dissolve it or bat it back at the cheagle, who dodges deftly. Each time, Asch flicks a little treat in Star's direction, who munches it down before starting the cycle over again.

If one were to look closely, they might see a little flicker of light on Asch's palm right before the fire touches it. At his side are two swords, both sheathed; one, the Maestro sword, the other an unfamiliar katana. If caught in the moment he might actually look... relaxed, despite the situation. It's not going to last long, though.]


[After rescuing Nephry from a sudden splashdown at the lake, Asch is understandably soaked. The return to the village had dried him off somewhat, but nothing felt better than a fresh change of clothes, so he was about to head in to do just that when the bushes by the door suddenly threw up a campfire.

...Wait, what?

A bit of frenzied digging around and a well-placed Icicle Rain later, Asch heads into the house with a little orange cheagle clinging to his head, one looking rather irritated while the other cheerily "mieu mieu"'s every other step. Someone should probably get it away from him before he explodes. Or gets set on fire. Whatever comes first.]

[Voice / Action]

I'm looking for an experienced weapon-based fighter who's not afraid to risk their life in a spar. I prefer swordsmen, but what I need right now is someone who can attack from a distance, dodge effectively, and defend themselves.

I won't lie and say it isn't dangerous. Don't offer if you're afraid of getting hurt.

...That's it.

[Go go awkward! And since Asch is just itching to get out of the house - awkward home situation is awkward - he'll be spending most of the afternoon/evening in the bar, practicing his drink mixes and trying to get a better feel for bartending. He's feeling just as socially clumsy as ever but a recent confidence boosting has him sort of... cheerful. Well, his version of cheerful, which is more or less just >:| with less > but hey. Baby steps. He's up for bothering and might actually be decently talkative. ....Just don't hold your breath.]

[Action / Accidental Voice]

[After getting violently ejected from his own house, Asch has set up temporary shop in Good Spirits until he figures out where to go (and whether or not to try and evict Guy and get his house back). Since Guy apparently hit his head and can't even remember working there, Asch is hoping that the bar will be the last place he'll have to worry about running into Guy again. And it's not like dealing with the shop is particularly hard; all you have to do is pour drinks and listen to people's griping, and what good is a replica if he can't do that in Asch's place? ...The listening part, anyway. Floating glasses of alcohol might give people the wrong idea.

So in short, Asch will be doing two things today: shopping and carrying groceries back to the bar to stock up, or hanging out in the bar and trying not to attempt to murder his invisible companion. Stupid drecks and their attempts at impressing him. He's not really used to being around a lot of people, so he easily forgets that he's the only one who can see Luke. Thus:]

I already told you to keep your feet on the ground. You could at least pretend to be normal.


Shut up! Stop doing that, I don't need help.


Just be quiet already!!

[...Yeah he's a little crazy in public this week.]
[Not that he's told anyone, but the 24th is a pretty important date. It's left Asch in kind of a weird mood. Between this and the upcoming draft shut up I know I'm late he's venturing ever so slightly out of his usual "ignore everyone" shell. You may now die of shock.]

...How old do you have to be on your world before you're considered an adult? Is there some kind of party or ceremony you have to go through?

[He'll probably be hanging out in the bar for the rest of the evening, being his usual quiet self, though he's oddly calm today. If there's ever a time to meet him without losing a head, this is it. :|]

[ooc: originally I wanted to be here to do this on time, but life conspired, so it is late. :c for the record, this takes place BEFORE the draft. For those unfamiliar with the Abyss world, one's 20th birthday is v. important, and Auldrant's year is actually 700+ days long, and... yeah, I was a colossal geek and figured out what day would be Asch's 20th. tl;dr he's old now.]
[So Asch's hyperresonance has been giving him issues since his return, which has made for some interesting new decor in house #5 - like the hole in his bedroom, giving him a nice view of the hallway - but he's been slowly getting it back, at least to the point where it's been manageable. But every now and then he has these little bursts, for various reasons. Like this morning, when he gets up to make coffee. Gets coffee grinds in his face. Sneezes.

And subsequently blasts a massive hole through the roof of house #5. Oops?

Thus, within a few hours, Asch is up on the roof with some materials, banging away at making something of a repair with his grand construction skills. That is to say, he's pretty much making a mess into a bigger mess. ...Not to mention completely failing to realize that houses regenerate when damaged. AWESOME LOGIC IS GO!

His journal's in his belt, so a particularly clumsy swing and bump of the arm ends up recording a few loud bangs and a stream of cussing worthy of the sailor.]


[There's a brief shuffle, and a strained gasp, before a voice speaks up. Someone's back from a little excursion with John. He doesn't have the energy to lock it.]


Some... help.

[Voice / Action]

I need to speak with one of the Malnosso.

[Today, Asch is all over the place. First to the plaza, to check the item bazaar for a few things; next, to the north edge of the village, above the houses, his favourite spot to blow shit up practice his fonic artes; finally, to the opposite edge, sword practice against the targets inside the barracks. He's gotten so restless since Luke's disappearance and he needs to stay on the move to avoid going crazy.

Feel free to bother him at any of those locations or even en route; he could use some socializing.]


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