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Ashes of the Sacred Flame
5 June 1985
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until i fade.
Asch was born Luke fon Fabre, a nobleman of Baticul. Kidnapped at age 10 and replicated, Asch received a new name and identity from Commandant Van Grants, and not long after became Asch the Bloody, the sixth God-General of Daath. Because of his kidnapping and subsequent replication, Asch lost everything he had in his childhood - friends, family, inheritance, and with all of that went a good portion of his kinder personality traits. Asch the Bloody grew up angry, bitter, and hateful, most of his ire directed towards the replica whom he believes stole it all.

i carry on.
On the other hand, Asch has a determination and willpower that is difficult to measure. He was raised to care for people, as he was an heir to the throne of Kimlasca, and has always believed that even people of low rank deserve as much attention, care, and dedication as the rich and powerful. He knows how important it is to support his citizens, and that belief carries over to his life as a soldier, whether he likes it or not. That's a little sliver of Asch: he's a jerk, but a jerk with a purpose and a heart of gold. ... It's just a bit tarnished, is all.
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At Luceti, Asch has changed quite a bit. He's developed a closer relationship with Luke, though they still fight almost constantly. He's starting to branch out of his nigh-impenetrable shell of anti-social behaviour, and is slowly but steadily making friends and allies amongst the residents of Luceti. He has a long way to go, but he's on the right track.
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